Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour

बिहार कृषि विश्‍वविद्यालय, सबौर

Varieties Developed


I. SABOUR SURBHIT: (Released in 2012)

  • Aromatic fine grain rice with yield potential of 40–45 quintal per hectare and can perform well under limited irrigated condition also.

II. SABOUR ARDHAJAL: (Released in 2013)

  • i. Long slender grain aerobic rice variety
  • ii. Yield potential 50 –55 quintal. ha-1
  • iii. Suitable for upland and medium land
  • iv. Saves about 50% water requirement

III. SABOUR DEEP: (Released in 2014)

  • Early maturing aromatic fine grain rice with yield potential of 40 – 45 quintal per hectare & very much suitable for contingent plan under late arrival of monsoon.

IV. SABOUR SHREE: (Released in 2014)

  • i. Medium slender grain variety
  • ii. Yield potential 45 – 50 quintal ha-1
  • iii. Suitable for medium irrigated situation

V. Bhagalpur Katarni: (Released in 2016)

  • i. Highly demanded Aromatic Rice variety
  • ii. Specifically grown in selected patches of Bhagalpur District
  • iii. Suitable for medium irrigated situation

VI. Sabour Harshit Dhan: (Released in 2018)

  • i. Long slender grain variety
  • ii. Yield potential 45-50 q/ha
  • iii. Suitable for medium to medium and upland condition under irrigated situation

VI. Sabour Sampanna Dhan: (Released in 2018)

  • i. Short bold grain variety
  • ii. Yield potential 65 q/ha
  • iii. Suitable for drought as well as submergence tolerance under rainfed shallow low land



  • i. Suitable for irrigated late sown condition of Bihar
  • ii. Yield potential: 35-40 q/ha


  • i. Perform better under Rainfed condition
  • ii. Yield potential 25-30 q ha-1.


  • i. Timely Sown Irrigated Condition (TS-IR)
  • ii. Suitable for NEPZ
  • iii. Yield Potential: 45-50 q/ha



  • Early maturity (75 days); Short duration hybrid it escapes water logging stress; suitable for kharif sowing with yield potential of 60 quintal ha-1.


  • Spring season hybrid; suitable for high temperature condition; yield 70-72 Q/ha

III. DHM-117

  • Rabi and Kharif maize especially in those areas where single crop is grown; lodging tolerance, Yield of the hybrid is 96 q /ha in rabi and 52 q/ha in kharif


Sabour Tisi-1:

  • i. Average yield 13 q/ha
  • ii. Oil content 40 per cent
  • iii. Suitable for utera condition

Chickpea (Desi)

Sabour Channa-1 (2018)

  • i. Average yield 24q/ha
  • ii. Semi-erect type with a height of 58-60 cm
  • iii. Maturity - 130-135 days
  • iv. Seed type - Bold


Sabour Agrim (2013)

  • Early season cauliflower, It comes under late September – October maturity group. It matures in mid to end of October, suitable for rainfed upland ecology, expected yield 180-190 q/ha.


Sabour Bael 1

  • High yielding (700-800 fruits/tree), Fruit weight 0.90- 1.20 kg per fruit
  • Pleasant aroma, thin peel (2.35 mm), Pulp conatins less mucilage & seeds (91), TSS- 43.6%, Acidity- 0.58%; Vit C 34 mg/100g


Sabour Litchi-1 (2015)

  • i. This hybrid matures in first week of June
  • ii. Average fruit weight 23 gm
  • iii. No fruit cracking


Sabour Mango-1

  • i. Bearing habit- Regular
  • ii. Maturity- 14th June to 18th June
  • iii. Average fruit weight- 454.3g
  • iv. Pulp content - 82.73%


Sabour Makhana 1

  • Seed (Guri) yield of 32-35q/ha and pop recovery of 55-60 per cent.
  • Large spherical leaf, dark purple flowers, medium size fruit; small, oval and smooth seeds with very thin seed coat (0.29mm)
  • Maturity (range in number of days) seed to seed is 240-250 days.