Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour

बिहार कृषि विश्‍वविद्यालय, सबौर

Research Themes and Priorities


Crop Improvement

1.  Integrated Gene Management (Augmentation, Evaluation, Conservation and Utilization)

2.  Identification of resistant/tolerant donors with high yield potential against major insect-pests and pathogens and their utilization

3.  Allele mining and discovery of new genes for productivity and resistance/tolerance to biotic/a biotic stresses to exploit in breeding programmes

4. Widening of gene-pools through intra/inter-specific hybridization and genetic enhancement (Pre-breeding)

a)  Spot blotch disease of wheat

b)  Sclerotinia Rot  and alter aria blight of rapeseed and mustard

c)  Sterility mosaic virus of any field crops

d)  Heat, drought tolerance of wheat, maize, vegetables, etc

5.  Breeding for high yielding varieties/hybrids: Tolerant/resistant to wide range of biotic/a biotic stresses through pyramiding of genes using conventional and molecular tools

6.  Identification and mapping of the QTL associated with yield tolerance/resistance and quality in different crops and their introgression

7.  Genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics analysis of the crops for biotic/a biotic stresses.

8.  Genomic analysis of the plant pathogen and diversity available in Bihar

9.   Identification of genotypes with better nutrient uptake ability and efficient utilization ( Input use Efficiency)

10.  Clonal selection of fruit crops for improving plant type

Natural Resource Management

11.  Precision farming

12.  Bio-remediation of soil contamination following the synthesis of bio-sensor

13.  Sustainable intensification and diversification cropping systems with better management practices for both favorable and unfavorable environments.

14.  Development of Integrated Farming System model

15.  Promotion of Soil Health Card and Integrated Nutrient Management

16.  Studies on in-situ moisture conservation in different ecosystem

17.  Technology refinement for rainwater harvesting through watershed, management and conservation of rain water for efficient and effective use

18.  System analysis and simulation modeling for effective forecasting yield under biotic and a biotic stresses.

19.  Resource Conservation Technology (RCT) and Conservation agriculture

20.  Nanotechnology for enhancement of input use efficiency

Plant Protection

21.  Integrated Pests Management

22.  Survey, Characterization and Genetic improvement of Entomopathogens

23.  Molecular characterization of biotypes of insect pests and plant pathogens

24.  Molecular marker based monitoring of evolutionary and short term insect pest/pathogen dynamics to effectively devise the control strategies

25.   Identification of active ingredient of botanicals and pheromones

26.  Development of resistant/tolerant bio-agents to pesticides and mass multiplication

Social Science

27.  Policy research on farmers issues and institutional impact assessment

28.  Value chain analysis of major commodities

29.  Research related to WTO/IT/Open market/IPR issues

Product development and market

30.  Development of the technology  for processing, packaging , storage , extension of shelf life and value added products (including minimally processed) and prevention of the post harvest losses

31.  Development of Low Cost Multiuse Farmers Friendly Machines for the marginal and small farmers.

Dairy Science

32.  Clean milk production

33.  Newer product development/ functionally ready foods

34.  Biotechnology of dairy food products

35.  Microbiology-application of enzymes

36.  Development of non conventional milk and milk products

Animal Science

37.  Conservation of local breeds and improvement of non desirable breeds

38.  Diagnostic kits for different diseases for improvement in animal health

39.  Nutrition management

40.  Value addition in livestock products

41.  Management strategy for Tal area for fish production

42.  Seed production in fish

Goat development programme