Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour

बिहार कृषि विश्‍वविद्यालय, सबौर

Extension Education Council


Powers and Function of the Extension Education Council

The Extension Education Council shall consider and make recommendations in respect of:

  1. Methodology of extension education and transfer of technology with changing scenario in Agriculture and Environment
  2. Co-operative extension educational programmes and projects of the University;
  3. Co-ordination of co-operative extension educational activities of various agencies for improvement of Agriculture, Horticulture, Dairying and Animal Husbandry and for the development of rural communities;
  4. Integration of extension education with teaching and research in the University and participation of teachers in the field extension programme and evaluation of their work;
  5. Development of farmers’ education and advisory service, identification and resolution of field problems and problems in transmission of information;

Any other matter referred to it by the Vice-Chancellor, Senate/Board of Management or any other authority of the University.


There shall be an Extension Education Council consisting of

a) Chairman: The Vice-Chancellor

b) Members

  1. Agricultural Production Commissioner, Bihar;
  2. Director of Agriculture, Bihar;
  3. Director of Animal Husbandry, Bihar;
  4. Director of Fisheries, Bihar
  5. Director Research of the University;
  6. All Deans and Associate Deans, Assoc. Director, Extension Education Regional Directors/Directors of different Research Institutes of the University.
  7. University Professors to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor for particular meeting according to the requirements of the agenda;
  8. Director, Extension Education of other SAU of the State.
  9. One representative each of the under mentioned organizations, as decided by the Vice-Chancellor
    1. Irrigation Department of the Govt. of Bihar.
    2. Minor Irrigation Department of the Govt. of Bihar.
    3. Community Development Department of the Govt. of Bihar.
    4. Revenue Department of the Govt. of Bihar:
    5. Planning Department of the Govt. of Bihar :
    6. Co-operative Department of the Govt. of Bihar:
    7. Bihar State Agro-industries Development Cooperation;
    8. Dairy Development Corporation of the Govt. of Bihar:
    9. Bihar State Electricity Board;
    10. IFFCO/NFL
    11. National Seeds Corporation; and
    12. Any other Agro-industries or Agro-Services Organization.
    13. NGOs
  10. Two eminent persons in the field of Extension Education from outside the University to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor for any particular meeting in accordance with the requirements of the agenda.
  11. Three progressive farmers specialized in general Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Dairying and allied sciences to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor for their specialized knowledge and experience

(c) Member Secretary- Director of Extension Education

Current Composition

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