Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour

बिहार कृषि विश्‍वविद्यालय, सबौर

Nature Club
Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour

About The Nature Club, BAU, Sabour:

Unsustainable use of natural resource and associated environmental impacts affect basic ecosystem services as provision of food, water and nutrient cycle. Therefore, it becomes necessary for everyone to take care of our surrounding so that people today as well as future generations do not face any environmental crisis. Environmental or nature clubs play a vital role to build a green and resilient economy by enhancing awareness and understanding of schools, colleges, universities or community about environmental, climate change, and sustainable consumption and production issues.

Taking this into consideration, the Nature Club, BAU, Sabour was established on 5th June, 2023, on the occasion of World Environment Day, during the Inaugural function of the One Week Workshop on Environmental Protection and Awareness. This Nature Club will pave way for others to show how small steps in favour of environment at university level may bring great changes at the higher level. The established Nature Club will prove like a role model for other institution and societies to come together and take bigger steps for eradication of the ill effects of natural disasters, pollution, climate change, communicable diseases and positive steps towards environmental and biodiversity conservation.

Mandate :

To sensitize, motivate and educate students and staff about environmental protection, biodiversity conservation and pollution reduction.

Vision :

  1. To increase eco-consciousness by learning about environment, sustainable development.
  2. To promote environmental literacy among students and staffs to become environmentally conscious and enable participation in environment related drives.
  3. To develop environment friendly skilled, and attitudes dedicated and responsible students who wish to work, individually and collectively towards environmental protection and conservation of natural resources and biodiversity for sustainable use.

Focused Activities :

  1. To sensitise motivate and educate students and staff regarding ill effect of the environment degradation and its impact on human population.
  2. To motivate and educate students and staff about the measures of environment protection and biodiversity conservation. Motivating the students to plant more trees.
  3. To aware and educate students and staff the safety measures to be taken at the time of different disasters such as flood, earthquake, landslides, cyclone etc.
  4. Organizing activities to reduce pollution in the University campus and surrounding area.
  5. Educating the students and staff to minimise the usage of plastics.
  6. Executing small scale projects within the campus which helps to create interest towards farming activities.
  7. Contributing in environment awareness and conservation drives in collaboration with district environment and forest department, disaster management office, regional nature clubs and institutes.
  8. Observing environmentally important days i.e. Plantation Day, Vermi-composting of biodegradable waste, maintenance of Butterfly Garden, Herbal Garden, nature trail etc., throughout the year.
  9. Organizing various programmes like seminars, cartoon drawing, exhibition, craft making, quiz etc. regarding various environmental issues.
  10. Creation of butterfly gardens, bird nests, rare plant gardens, herbal Garden etc.
  11. Collection of fruits and other seeds from residents in the university campus and spread them road side, railway track side and other abandon, bare and barren land during rainy season. To aware staff and students to store the seeds of fruits after eating, and handover to the nature club person for proper disposal during rainy season.
  12. A cleanliness drive will be organized in the university campus and also to some specific site in Bhagalpur on all important national days for awareness of cleanliness among general people.
  13. Conduction of parthenium & weeds eradication programme. Training and manufacture of vermicompost from weeds in the campus.
  14. Encouraging students and staff to study the local environment and to contribute to solving local environmental or social problems arising time to time.
  15. Establishment of Eco Park, Natural Park/trail, maintenance of Butterfly and Insect garden, Herbal garden etc.
  16. To broadcast the activities of nature club in the university through quartely released e-magazines, newsletter, booklets etc.

Ongoing Activities :

Write Up
Under the aegis of Nature Club, BAU, Sabour, a logo preparation competition was held. Twenty two students participated in this competition. The logo of Ms Komal Kumari of BSc Ag. 6th Semester stood first. The awarded logo of Nature Club was launched by Hon'ble Agriculture Minister, Govt of Sri Kumar Sarvajeet jee, during his visit to university on 14th August, 2023. On the occasion of Independence day, the logo preparation awardees along with other participants were distributed with certificates by Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, BAU, Sabour, Dr D. R. singh. Also, fourteen students of Nature Club, who actively took part in different activities of Nature Club were given the Appreciation award.

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